Mod Duo X heating issue

Hello everyone!
I want to point out a problem that happened to me the other day. I powered my Mod Duo X and connected it to my laptop to build a pedalboard. The phone rang, I answered and then I got caught up in that conversation forgetting the device turned on and connected to the laptop. After about 20-25 minutes when I returned to the device I found it quite hot … I could even say very hot considering that it was just turned on and that’s it. There’s no error message whatsoever and the unit seems to work fine, it just gets connected to the laptop slowly. The unit has version Does anyone have any idea about what it might be? Thanx a lot!

The enclosure also acts as a heatsink for the CPU to prevent the need for an added fan.

I believe it is working as intended, but someone from the team should be able to verify.

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Yes, it makes sense. Thank you for the reply!