Mod Duo X Hardware CV Exp inputs not working? (decided)

Hello. Cannot receive CV signal from external device Mod Duo X
The settings are set to CV but the Hardware CV Exp input does not receive a signal(

The main inputs in CV mode work fine.

Please help me what to do?

I suppose you have installed the ModOS on you car to have 3 CV inputs ? Could you please at least tell use the brand of your car ?

Your breaks-CV (in the middle) works but not your accelerator-CV (the bottom one) doesn’t, that’s what your two pictures are showing us ?

(sorry for the free sarcasm, I’m so bad at guessing missing informations…)


I actually also see 3 CV inputs on my DuoX, but I thought it was only stereo :thinking:

(since the EXP input is TRS and you’d have signals on Tip, Ring and have the Sleeve for ground)

Edit: ah wait I get it. the third input is when you have the EXP/CV input configured as EXP, so you get a single “CV” value from an expression pedal.
This means that you can have a single patch that is usable for both configurations, without having a breakage on your patch.

@Valentin_Mayaczkij did you change your configuration to EXP and are you using an Expression pedal? More information would certainly be useful here.


Please excuse my haste in writing this post)

I would like to use the expression pedal input as a CV input for external parameter modulation. I have CV in the parameters

Device Mod Duo X

They are working. CV signal passes through: Input 1 and Input 2

Not working: CV signal does not pass through: CV / EXP Input


As I explained the third input is only used when you are using the EXP/CV input with an Expression pedal.

If you have it configured for CV then this port doesn’t do anything.

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It won’t work to use it to transfer a CV. Did I understand you correctly? Strange) why was it called CV then?

If you configure the input for an Expression pedal, and use an Expression pedal (with TRS jack etc.) then you will get CV controls out of this connection. This is not strange, it’s as intended :slight_smile:


Sorry, I finally realized that the CV in this case is from the expression pedal) I didn’t realize it myself. Thank you very much for your help