Mod Duo X display and buttons all flashing simultaneously


I had the unit on overnight, and discovered it flashing on and off. i tried turning it on and off a few times, still no luck. As I am writing this, the unit turns back on, but with dimmed, flickering screens. Previously, the unit has worked flawlesslybefore…

This is indeed weird. What did you do in between the psychedelic blinking and the video with the unit actually booting (with a softer blinking)?
Also, could you email with the issue and the videos to This will help us keeping track of the issue.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for replying.

I was writing the post on this site, about 1 hour after first encountering the issue, and I heard a click, the unit booted. Weird!
The unit now boots up, but with severely reduced brightness, flickering and increased flickering, when touching and turning the knobs.

Ive also sent an email, and Wetransfer’d the videos to support

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Is it possible to still change the brightness and contrast in the menu?

Could be that the backlight transformer was overloaded?
(don’t know enough about the internal electronics to say anything tangible)

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yes, it is possible, but the overall brightness has dipped by about 50%, and it flickers

Do you get any difference more if you go lower or higher on brightness? For example, if you put in the maximum does it blink more or less?

Ive just tried from 25% up to 100%. The unit displays the same behaviour.
One observation though, whilst I’m turning the knobs, the brightness goes up slightly, and it doesn’t flicker

Hope it helps

Something is most certainly wrong with your unit. Probably you will need to return it to be repaired.
Have you already reached out to If not, please do it and provide the serial number of your unit and firmware version.
Actually…did this start happening after some update?


My MOD DUO X has a Dim Screen that flickers and the values and parameters after the decimal points climb and fall and do not remain steady, i have tried the updates but its still the same i even tried the workaround for the bug fix and its still the same.

The screen goes bright when its says updating controller and everything looks as if first did when i bought it but once the update is complete the screen only looks about 50% bright even on 100% and it flickers and the values are unstable again?

I also posted this on another thread to do with screen flickering.

Not sure what else i can try?

Screenshot 2022-02-16 at 16.59.31


Pete Nichols

As I asked you in the other thread, this this happen after some release? Is your power supply also stably plugged?
Just a side note, please avoid to make the same post on multiple threads since this gives quite some room for mess - double suggesting some troubleshooting, etc.
Also, this seems like an issue better to be handled on