MOD DUO X Degrades the signal

Hi, I’m asking for support from someone on the MOD Team.
I had always used MOD DUO X with synth and Stab. Today, almost for the first time, I tried to pass a normal Analogue BassDrum through a TippTop Audio 808 module and I noticed how much the passage through MOD DUO thus degrading the signal. Same thing with a sine wave as well as a modular one, the result it’s even worse.

There is no pedalboard loaded, just direct switching and Gain set by default. In the soundcloud example I put a marker/comment that divides the bypassed signal. The difference with the original, round sound of the bass drum is truly enormous. What’s wrong?

I use analog outputs so no S/PDIF and A/D conversion.

the Dwarf has integrated Compression, that is not configured in pedalboards, but globally in the device’s menu. I guess the DuoX has this as well and you need to check how yours is set.

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All Disabled :frowning:

Solved, it was a power strip problem :slight_smile: