MOD Duo with Softstep2

@solobasssteve were you ever able to put together some notes on using the softstep with the MOD? I’m having a ton of fun with the MOD so I got a softstep 2 thinking it would be good to control more plugins than just two. Now I think I’m over my head. I can get on/off to work using the Toggle preset but that’s it. For example, no looper.

I suspect it’s a case of my lack of experience with midi.

Maybe some of the info in this old thread is relevant: MIDI vs USB MIDI


what are you trying to do? I’m not currently using any of the X/Y functionality in the Softstep with the MOD, but setting up CC controllers is pretty easy - Why can’t you use the looper? Surely you assign the controls via MIDI learn the same way you would turning a pedal on and off?


Well, maybe I was making it more complex in my mind than it really is. At this point I’m just trying to turn things on and off. the other night I was able to have it midi learn to turn pedals on and off (distortion, chorus etc.) but when I tried to get it to do the record on on the looper it wouldn’t record. Today I tried it again and it works as expected.

It really is as simple as set the Softstep to TOGL and then in the plug in just select MIDI Learn and save. Then press the pedal you want.

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I got it working great with my Softstep 2 - even using one of the pressure-sensitive footswitches as a wah pedal :slight_smile:

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Today I’ve got KMI SoftStep2, and found out that, interestingly, it works with M-VAVE midi wireless adapters as below:

I’ve got my adapters pair with M-VAVE Chocolate, and used only usb one before (connected to MDX), as Chocolate has MIDI BLE of it’s own. Unfortunately, while KMI Softstep2 is a whole new level of the controller, it lacks any wireless capabilities.

Now I’ve found that it is possible to connect SoftStep into m-wave usb dongle (still needs an external power, that’s why there is also a powerbank).

Another adapter goes into DIN ports of the MDX device, This combination seems to work, surprisingly, and allows to get rid of that epic long USB cable and decrease probability of breaking my usb ports occasionally.