Mod Duo Volume cut

I know this is maybe irrelevant to most users, but I’m trying to repurpose my Mod Duo as an always on Reverb at the end of my signal chain, which is insanely complex: Guitar → Mod Dwarf → Quad Cortex → FX loop to HX Effects → back to Quad Cortex → ending in Mod Duo → out to DI Box.

Everything was working fine until I moved to a different Pedalboard. Once done, I was barely getting any volume at all from my Mod Duo using headphones. Plugging into the Quad Cortex, everything sounded fine. I checked all the wiring and everything is fine. So I tried listening to the end of the pedal chain in the Mod Duo and the only way I could get near or equal the volume of the Quad Cortex was to change the input volume to 25 dB.

Is this acceptable? Is there anything I’m doing wrong?