MOD Duo sync to existing Ableton Link session is behaving strange


If there is already an existing Ableton Link Session running (for tempo sync) and I (re)connect the USB or reboot the MOD, the MOD will set its last known tempo to the existing session.

How to reproduce

  1. Start a Software which supports Ableton Link (here Ableton Live Lite) and enable the LINK (e.g. with Tempo 55 bpm)
  2. Conncet the MOD via USB to the PC
  3. Set the Mod Duo to ‘Sync Mode’ Ableton Link --> MOD will sync onto the Link session and take up the current tempo (55 bpm)
  4. Now we could assume we loose connection via USB, or need to repower the Mod, or connect ourselfs into a bigger set of already running Ableton Link session --> so disconnect the USB or power off the MOD
  5. Now change the Tempo within the software (from 1.) as the song or the current tempo might have changed (e.g by someone else participating in the Ableton Link) -> the tempo is now at e.g 78 bpm
  6. Results:
  • 6.1. after Reconnect the USB
    6.1.1. when the Ableton Link Session itself was not restarted during disconnection --> MOD syncs to current tempo (here 78)
    6.1.2. when the Ableton Link Session itself was restarted during disconnection --> MOD sets the tempo to its last known value (here 55). I think this is not ok, but I don’t know the specs.
  • 6.2. after Power on the MOD
    6.2.1.without USB connected during boot --> ok, it syncs to the session
    6.2.2. with USB connected during boot --> not ok, it will just set the tempo to some? previous tempo value - here I had the impression that the behaviour is additionally depending if the MOD’s transport was running or not before power off.

Expected/suggested solution

We see that the behaviour is different, depending on what happenes to the MOD and/or the LINK session.
I would suggest that the MOD’s Ableton Link becomes something like a “passive” option during boot or reconnect.
I suppose that if Ableton Link is used as Sync input, there is very probably a session already running when the MOD is (re)booted or reconnected due to whatever reason.
Assuming when something similar would happen during a live gig with a bigger setup and more musicians the current behaviour could mix up everything tempo related.

Additional information

This was tested/documented with modduo-v1.10.0.2141 and Ableton Live Lite 10