Mod Duo Power?

I’m running my Mod Duo (not the X) on my pedalboard and would prefer to use the 12v out on my power supply (with a polarity switch cable) for the mod duo BUT it only outputs 1A instead of 2A…
Will that be too little power?

if you do not have Control Chain or USB devices connected to it, you should be ok.

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I DO plan on connecting a usb MIDI keyboard and Bluetooth dongle…?

mmm. With the MIDI controller I am not sure.

@Jan would you be able to shed some light here?

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Most power supplies have some reserve… question is, how much. If I were you, I would just try it out and check the temperature of the power supply regularly. I have no idea though how well your MOD device handles potential voltage drops and – there might be subtle side effects.


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