Mod duo output gain on v1.7


I’m using v1.7.2 on my duo as I was recently advised to try that to fix a bug which caused my duo to crash on start. It seems ok now, but I can’t find the output gain anymore. I didn’t use my duo very much before upgrading but I’m sure there was an output gain, no I can only find an output volume and all that does is just reduce the overall volume which is useless as the red light is still on for the output. Does anyone know what’s happened to the output gain option?

Where did you check? I believe you have to check on the unit itself under option or system in the menu… I just adjusted mine going through the unit’s menus

There is no more top-level menu item for it now, it moved under “system”

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I’m looking on the unit itself under the system menu, but under outputs there is only output volume and as mentioned before this drops the entire volume while the red light remains on. I’m sure there was an output gain on v1.6 where I could drop the db so that the output doesn’t clip.

you mean the input gain?
there used to be gain stage and fine gain, as seen here
These are now a single control in v1.7 onwards

the outputs were always a single value.
it is just that now they are represented in % rather than dB (which was not totally correct before anyway)

Hello @pjd, @JEL and @falkTX,

maybe this forum thread might give a hint how signal flow is managed within the mod duo, especially for the Output LED part.
You might want to use a volume plugin or a compressor as the last plugin of your pedalboard before the conversion to analog to avoid clipping in the D/A conversion stage…

Hope that helps clarifying.
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@mj_prod ah yes, that explains it all thanks! It’s just been rather confusing for me having not used the mod duo for very long before upgrading to v1.7 which has a lot of changes to the on device menus