Mod DUO not saving User Profiles

I have just got a mod DUO and took some time to adjust levels for my use case (I play saxophone so I had to adjust input levels for my microphone, but also output levels for both headphones and speaker output).
I switched off and on again, and the levels had all reset! It comes back to -12db on each output.
I’ve tried saving User Profiles, it didn’t work. I’ve tried different user profiles (saved on A, saved on B…), in either case, it doesn’t seem to be saving settings on different profiles.
I’ve seen other posts complaining about this issue, but it doesn’t seem to be fixed; any ideas?


a partir del 1.10 no guarda los cambios de usuario

Yeah, I thought that might be the case; they updated the firmware and broke the saving profiles feature!
I read somewhere that in reality it’s just a GUI thing and that in reality the volume changes are kept, but the values reset randomly. I haven’t tested that, but it’d be worth checking…
Other than that, I think I’ll stick to compensating with a +12db boost as you suggested!

I have the same problem. When Duo saves a profile it subscribes to all the others. And when it restarts everything goes to -12db.
Even if it “saves” the information and it’s a GUI problem, it’s a big problem (I haven’t tested it on the amplifier yet)… if I have to adjust the gains and levels every time I turn on the pedalboard or change instruments, it will complicate.

esperemos que lo solucionen en las proximas actualizaciones,

Hey, I think you might be onto something there! How do you know the issue is related to what you have described there? (I don’t know much about the MOD software architecture to understand exactly what you mean, but it seems like a possible description to the bug.

If MOD open sourced the code for the firmware, maybe the community could find a solution to the problem? I understand why not releasing the source code, and also I wouldn’t even want to try myself, but maybe someone could!

As you say, I am a bit disappointed now, because I bought mine second hand with the intention of using it in live gigs, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to, if I can’t save gain settings!

Something I do for every pedalboard (in fact, every output) is put a MOD Gain plugin at the end, and assign the control to an endless knob. In the live situations I’ve been in, I find it faster to cycle through the foot switches then adjust the knob rather than dig into the menu that I rarely use. Yes, this is a workaround, but I find it to easier.

yo e colocado el control de ganancia al principio de la pedalera, en +12db, y siempre activo, pero asignado a la perilla derecha con los valores preajustados en 0 db y +12db, asi resulta bastante práctico en caso que quieras bajar la ganancia en un momento dado.

The problem isn’t that serious… I talked about it here: