MOD DUO not saving system settings

Hi all, my MOD DUO started to “forget” system settings. Input levels are stuck to 13%, I set them to 30% (which is ok for me), I saved values, i also tried to save user profile, but after power off/on, levels are back to 13%. Same happens with headphones level… Any advice?


I recall this issue with some OS releases
What OS version are you running in your MOD Duo? If not the latest, please update.

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V 1.10.0
I’m going to try to update…
Thank you

Procedure finished, Mod Duo rebooting… forever.
Stuck on startup screen (logo on left and MOD DUO on right LCD).
It seems bricked.

if you have an old nand unit, you need to do the procedure in Troubleshooting Reinstall Duo - MOD Wiki first

You can revert back to 1.12.2 that still works with the old Duo units as-is, see Releases - MOD Wiki for instructions on that. This 1.12 step is just so you get a bootale unit so you can do a backup of your user data.


Thank you, I was a good boy :smile: I did user data backup before updating system.
I’ll try to go to latest version and I’ll go back to 12 if unsatisfied with 13…


Well, MOD DUO back to life. :slight_smile:
Troubleshooting Reinstall is not a task for newbies, but it was doable.

Still, thread problem persist even with updated system.
I set system input levels to +3db and heaphones output level to +12
I turn off and on MOD DUO, levels go back to -12db (input) and 0db (headphones output).
Any advice?


Listening with headphones, it seems to be just a problem related to values that are DISPLAYED rather than actual values.

I try to explain:
Turning off and back on my DUO, displayed levels are not what I saved BUT:

  1. pressing endless knob to edit a value, immediately show what I saved before turning off/on.
  2. my ears say levels were unchanged even if showing wrong numbers…

Comments welcome.

On the versions changed I got a bit lost now. @Nicola you are currently on 1.12 or 1.13?
I can recall this as an issue on the 1.11.6 that I had as well. @falkTX wasn’t it fixed in the meantime?

I took this (modduo-v1.13.0.3092.tar) file from wiki Factory Reset Images.

So @falkTX this is a bug that seems that went unfixed. Can you (or someone) confirm it?

I had a similar issue saving snapshots. They would disappear when I turned the pedal off, but then I learned you have to save the pedalboard to keep the snapshots.

snapshots are kept in memory and only truly saved when you save the pedalboard.
this is so that you can try out changing snapshots data without fear of breaking things - if you like the changes made, save it, otherwise reload the pedalboard and try again

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