Mod Duo new interface

I finally could try the update and the new interface on my Mod Duo and as I feared, it’s not at all good for live stage usage.

I mean, it’s prettier and better on a DESK, with the new layout and the fact that it nows shows pedalboard/snapshot names, but it’s not on a FLOOR.

When using it live on stage, it has to be immediately readable at 6 foot, often with bad lighting. You need big and easily readable fonts for that.

Actually, in that situation, the pedalboard/snapshot names are nearly superfluous, what you really need is to see the INDEX of the pedalboard to be immediately sure you’re using the correct one. After all, you created and sorted the pedalboards in banks to your liking. The name is fancy, but not vital as long as you know what pedalboard is currently loaded.

Since having the full pedalboard/shapshot names shown woulf be impossible on the devices’ small screens, I’d like if possible to show their respective indexes, with a font similar to the one used for the mumerical parameter values in the older interface.

For that there could be many ways to achieve that. I think the simplest and most easy to implement, and that would not mess with the current interface that many seem to like, could be to make a second interface which replaces completely the upper parts of the screens (pedalboard/snapshot names and parameter names/values) with big pedalboard/snapshot index. That could be toggled with a switch in the settings page.

Since that would also have the secondary feature of inhibit the knobs using the easier interface, basically you would be able to choose between a “edit/desk” mode where you can edit and fine tune plugin parameters as always, and a “play/stage” mode where you can only select pedalboards/shapshots and toggle footswitches but you do not risk to inadvertently mess around with the parameters.

What would you think about this?

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I can understand your request, although personally I’m not sure if even after implemented would be visible enough.
On the development side I’m not sure how easy or not this would be to implement in the current architecture. Sometimes there are things that seam simple to implement visually, but are not so much code wise.
Anyway, I will save your suggestion and it will be brought to discussion among the developers. I can’t promise when or even if it will be implemented at all. But it will certainly be discussed.
Thanks a lot for the suggestion and for your help improving the devices :slight_smile:

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I really appreciate you taking care of this request and I don’t expect an implementation in one week or one month.
I know the tev team is full of talented people and in more than one case they did an excellent job in listening to advice from users and that’'s why the devices are continually improving.

In virtue of this, please allow to speak frankly. I don’t want to look rude, but overall I find it a bit surprising how the stage floor use scenario of the Duo has been treated as almost an afterthought.

Before the current release you could not even easily tell what the current pedalboard was if you were not connected to the web gui. The current release is a big improvement on this, but has the readability issue I already talked about.

Put yourself in my shoes. Im a guitarist. The form factor of the Duo is of a stomp pedal. Heck, it has footswitches for actuators! i think it’s by design that t should be used on a stage floor! Had it only pushbuttons I probablywould not have been interested in it, because it would clearly be geared for studio desktop usage.

i don’t expect to be able to create pedalboards on stage. It was quite clear from day one that you would need the web gui for that. No surprise there.

What i actually expected is to be fully able to use the pedalboards using the device alone and on a floor stage. this is IMO not possible now. On stage with any multieffect device you must be absolutely able to tell what sound will come out of your guitar without strumming it. And this is still difficult wit the new interface (impossible with the previous ones).

Heck, there is a reason if most pedalboard multieffects and controllers still resort to big, red, clear 7-sector led displays for their primary 8or only) user interface. That’s all you really need when playing. All the rest is fluff.

You can work around it using a midi controller to switch pedalboards and use it’s led display for reference, but, honestly, it’s a bummer. IMHO the device should be perfectly usable by itself, without further expense unless you want to expand the possibilities.

So, in short, I really am surprised that the Duo has been out for so long and nobody seems to care about these, IMHO, grave shortcomings. i’m baffled that I’m the only one bragging about this. I wonder if there are few “vintage style” guitarists in the user base, or if most integrate the Duo with other devices or pedalboards instead of using as their only device, or if most use it in studio or similar environments.