Mod Duo for vocals / voice processing? (preamp needed?)

Can I run a microphone through the Mod Duo for voice fx?

If so, can I run straight from the microphone into the Mod Duo box? Or do I need a preamp before the Mod Duo?

Sure! It was designed for that!

It features three different selectable pre-amps in the analog section, with LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH sensivities, followed by another -12/+12dB pre-amp with fine gain adjust.

Both inputs have these features and are adjusted independently.

Setting it to MEDIUM sorts out most my personal needs. Depending on the Mic I add an extra +3 to 6dB.

We provide color meters to help you to adjust the gains :wink:

The only situation in which you will need an external Mic Preamp is when your Mic requires 48V phantom power. In this case an external unit is necessary.



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