Mod duo/duox with boppad


Has anyone used a Mod Duo/Duo X with the BopPad (BopPad | Keith McMillen Instruments) from McMillen Instruments?

Can it be used to get good drum sounds?

vanilla :slight_smile:

The BopPad is a MIDI controller only and does not generate sounds by itself.

That being said, it definitely can be connected to a Mod Duo or DuoX and be paired to a “Generator” plugin to emulate drum sounds.

You will find several drums generator plugins in the Mod plugin store.


If you plan to use BopPad with Mod Duo, it should basically work like @Simon said.

However, I don’t recommend it if you have Linux. I find the web interface is a pain, unfortunately. Maybe it’s better with Windows or OSX. Currently, I can’t really use it.