Mod Duo and program change with Ableton LIVE


I’m a Newbie. I’ve just received my Mod DUO.
I can’t find the way to recall my pedalboards with program change from Ableton LIVE.
My Mod DUO is plugged by USB to my computer but it is not recognized in Ableton LIVE as MIDI Device.
Is the Mod DUO USB-MIDI compatible ? Or do I need to do that with MIDI-DIN only ?



The Duo is not a MIDI device, but you can use a USB->MIDI converter cable to connect the DIN MIDI ports to your PC over USB.

Thank you for the answer.

I have another question :
How to attribute program change number to a pedalboard ?



You can do so via banks.
In the banks window you can manage a group of pedalboards, you can navigate through a bank using MIDI program messages.

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Is this not possible with the USB port? So for example using a USB to thunderbolt 3 ?

Hi @falkTX, I’m a bit puzzled by this comment since MIDI from my Keith McMillen SoftStep 2 works perfectly when plugged into the MOD Duo with pure USB to USB cable.