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Hi you all! Thanks once again for great work :slight_smile:

I am nowadays using more the mod-desktop (Linux integration) which is working nicely (v 0.0.11). The main thing still missing there for me is the possibility to use pedalboards online. Everytime I click on a pedalbooard shared here it does not load on the mod-desktop.

I know it is alpha software so this is just a curiosity and not an issue. Just wanted to check if there are plans on adding this to the platform. I am not even sure about all the things that might simply not be possible here, but it would be a very nice experience to tweak/test/record on the desktop and bring it to the stage with the MOD Dwarf. I know I can do it with the Dwarf plugged in the desktop anyway, but having it on when we have the desktop is sub-optimal I think.

Thanks and cheers from Brasil! :brazil:

PS: although I am not a professional musician, I love OSS and Linux in general and the open experience we have with the mod platform is something all my friends are envy currently.

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same reply as in Pedalboard Store ยท Issue #54 ยท moddevices/mod-desktop ยท GitHub

It is something we are looking towards enabling, but requires quite some groundwork to be done first before being able to enable such a feature.

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