MOD - Convolution Loader

Hi everyone.
We are doing a push for a new IR-based convolution reverb loader, and we like to get some feedback on the plugin.

Similar to the x42 IR Convolver, you upload IR Reverb files via file manager and then pick one from the list of files.

Plugin supports both wav and flac files.
Background processing is used to help deal with bigger IR files.

There is a high-pass filter in the advanced settings that can be used for filtering the signal that gets pushed to the reverb convolution process.
When bypassed the plugin will switch to dry signal, with optionally keeping the reverb “trails”.

Feedback and testing is very much welcome!


Great to see new plugins coming.


This is a cool plugIn, I guess! I am looking forward in testing it!


plugin works great and sounds great. I use it for cab ir though. Would be nice to also have a high cut option.


A heads up: we have removed the previous build from the store and added a new one, for a plugin rename (from “MOD Convolution Reverb” to “MOD Convolution Loader”).
This is to be in line with future plans of a variant of this plugin with pre-baked files. This plugin is the “loader”, while the upcoming one is the “reverb”.

If you already installed it, please remove and install the one with the new name.
Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!


Also, 2 small changes made to the plugin (besides the rename)

  1. The high pass filter knob is now visible on the modgui directly
  2. This filter maximum value was raised to 500Hz

Plugin has been moved to stable!


I’m new to all this, an hour ago the dwarf arrived. Bought a used one from the crowdfounding via ebay.

My main point with this unit will be using convolution IRs for Violin & Cello Corpus which works fantastic under IOS or Laptop. Now I managed to test a lot of Pedalchains, but couldn’t load this specific plugin… Where will I find it?

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Jippie! I found it in the store!


What is the differrence between this and the x42 convolution loader? x42 is much lighter on recources… I havent compared them listening… maybe I should do that :slight_smile:

… later
To be honest, I can’t hear a difference with the short Impulses I use… Both sound very good.


x42 uses more threads and a somewhat complex partitioning system for the IR processing. in some ways it is better, specially if you have quite big IR files.
but its CPU load is quite misleading, all the processing is done in background threads with the realtime one simply fetching data from the available partitions.

the MOD convolution loader also has background processing, but maximum 2 threads (1 per IR audio channel). it will process the first part of the IR in realtime and let the rest be done in those background threads.
so the MOD one will appear as if it is consuming more CPU, but that is mostly because it is running part of the IR processing in realtime (which directly increases the presented CPU/DSP load).

my personal recommendation is to use x42 one if you have a single line of plugins, so the extra cpu cores can more easily deal with heavy IR files. but if you have multiple plugins in parallel connections consider the MOD version.
also, I recommend to not use more than 1 heavy IR loader at once in a pedalboard.


@falkTX Thank you so much, for this detailed answer. As my understanding is not that deep, it just shows me to use which one works better in specific projects :-). With the x42 the xruns were significantly reduced in my case. I’m used to use about 6 Convolution loader at a time in IOS. I use convolution on any piezo pickup, because I made handmade and wellchosen irs specifically made for each instrument. In the Dwarf project I am able to use 1 because more convolution loader lead to problems. I bet it will be ok to work with presets, while I could maybe use another (extremely small) one for microphone transformation. I make a DPA out of a cheap Ovid with adapting frequency curve :slight_smile: for cello/violin sometimes. … EDIT: For that I can use the Guitar cab loaders as this has to be only monophonic. cool.