MOD - Convolution Loader

Hi everyone.
We are doing a push for a new IR-based convolution reverb loader, and we like to get some feedback on the plugin.

Similar to the x42 IR Convolver, you upload IR Reverb files via file manager and then pick one from the list of files.

Plugin supports both wav and flac files.
Background processing is used to help deal with bigger IR files.

There is a high-pass filter in the advanced settings that can be used for filtering the signal that gets pushed to the reverb convolution process.
When bypassed the plugin will switch to dry signal, with optionally keeping the reverb “trails”.

Something still pending to do is automatic resampling to 48kHz rate as used on MOD devices. So for now make sure to use files in 48kHz sample rate. To be implemented soon.

Feedback and testing is very much welcome!


Great to see new plugins coming.


This is a cool plugIn, I guess! I am looking forward in testing it!


plugin works great and sounds great. I use it for cab ir though. Would be nice to also have a high cut option.


A heads up: we have removed the previous build from the store and added a new one, for a plugin rename (from “MOD Convolution Reverb” to “MOD Convolution Loader”).
This is to be in line with future plans of a variant of this plugin with pre-baked files. This plugin is the “loader”, while the upcoming one is the “reverb”.

If you already installed it, please remove and install the one with the new name.
Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience!


Also, 2 small changes made to the plugin (besides the rename)

  1. The high pass filter knob is now visible on the modgui directly
  2. This filter maximum value was raised to 500Hz