MOD at Guitar Summit 2023

Dear community members

MOD Audio will be exhibiting at the Guitar Summit, this weekend in Mannheim, Germany. The event starts on Friday and runs till Sunday.

Our german distributor has organized the booth for us and has released a couple of free visitor passes. The booth number is 515.

If anyone here would liek to drop by and needs tickets, please drop me a message.

Wish you all a great week.


Good luck and have fun!

Thanks for the offer for tickets but a 5h drive is a bit much for me, sorry :wink:

Don’t forget to make pictures make friends and forge alliances :smiley:


Good luck showing off all the awesome MOD features Gianfranco!

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Oh a friend of mine with whom I often made music back then also has his stand there (CUNTZ GUITARS). :+1:

Ah and the Gerald (Marleaux) is there too. Very good instrument built with heart what I (HerrZen) very happy to play.

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Good luck…hope goes well. (A bit far for me )!

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It was really nice meeting @itskais and @gianfranco at the GuitarSummit in my hometome Mannheim!

Hope you are having a safe trip back home!