Mixer Plugin

No audio mixer plugin?
I can see lots of nearly plugins, switches, mix between a/b inputs but not a basic mixer to mix audio signals like Eurorack such as the Erica Synths Black Mixer.

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you’ll see a few if you enable beta plugins. :slight_smile:

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We are working on a few of them right now actually.
Coming soon. :sunglasses:


What do we have here …

Not in the store yet, but works great! there is also a mono version.
If you want to have more gain you have to add this before/after.

There is an “alternate” output so you have 2 busses essentially :slight_smile:


WHere how what!?!

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The plugin is on testing period but since we mostly do development in the open, anyone tech-savvy enough is able to grab mod-plugin-builder to get things early.


It would be nice if the alternate output was not a toggle/switch but an amount. Then you could really use it as a send-effect.

This would make it easier to reduce the amount of reverb/effect plugins one would need in a typical setup, thus greatly improving performance in a patch as well.


@dreamer, glad you like the plugin, and thanks for the suggestion. I can how a proper send-effect can be useful as well, so I will give it some thought.


Well we can also go all x42 and make a range of sizes/configurations for our purpose hehe :wink:
(like the sequencers and other utils)

16 channel mixer with pfl and pre/post sends anyone?

This please

As mentioned before I do like the idea of having a proper mix bus and I do like the idea of having it fully configurable even more. However, I personally don’t have time to do this right now, but this would be nice as a future update. For now I have pushed the mixers to store using the current configuration.


Hooody HOoooo


Hello MOD team.

A little observation on another ‘mixer plugin’…

I just came across the simple but very nice (beta-) AMS mixer plugins. They come in 2 channel, 4 channel and 8 channel versions. They sit in the control voltage category (probably because of the many other CV plugins by AurelienLe). But they are actually audio plugins.

I’m sure more people would find them and use them if they would sit in the utilities category. Maybe, it is possible to adjust the labelling?..

Thanks for all your good work!


Hi Clemens, thanks for the report! I will pass it to the developers :wink:

Are there versions of the mixers which have ‘sends’ instead of a second bus?
Or would these mixer ever get updated to have such a feature?

Also, for proper gain staging, what is zero gain on these faders? Is it .75 ?

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I’m still working on several that have pre/post-fade sends … mostly still needs a UI.

Maybe I’ll try to finish them before the end of the year :#


You are a godsend - !