[minor issue] saving a pedalboard with the Dwarf


If you have a pedalboard called aaa for example, when you save it with the device itself it will be called AAA

How to reproduce

  1. in the webUI save a pedalboard with lowercase and special characters name. For example ééé super !
  2. disconnect the USB and/or the webUI
  3. with the Dwarf, save the pedalboard
  4. you should see the name proposed EEE SUPER

Expected/suggested solution

You should have the same name of the pedalbord ééé super ! by default, so you don’t multiply the number of pedalboards in the library.
As a solution I see 2 possibilities :

  • allow all ascii characters edit in the dwarf, and lowercases
  • disallow all non-uppercase characters in the webUI

Operating system: Linux
Dwarf’s system version:

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I’ve noticed this, too. This explains why I’m seeing random new pedalboards on my system! It didn’t occur to me that it was because the HMI is saving things differently. It saves the name as they appear on the HMI. The “randomly appearing pedalboards” are always all-caps and the full names are truncated. Thanks for posting this, as it has shed some light on a minor but perplexing mystery.

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Yep. This has happened to me, but a couple releases ago. Never thought to report it, but I’ve been exclusively saving through the web gui to avoid the problem. It would be great to be able to save/overwrite on the dwarf without duping the board!