Mimicking existing pedals

I’ve been hearing some pretty incredible pedals recently like the EAE Sending v2, a quirky analog tape delay:


In theory it feels like the Dwarf has all the potential fx and routing options to build out something pretty similar albeit perhaps not identical.

Anyone done anything similar? I’m totally out of my depth if it’s not creating drive tones :joy:

With the Ttap and Gaffa, you can certainly go very far already, both are paid but are worth it.
Adding the dm-GrainDelay (free in Beta) and you have a whole universe…


Got the TTAP and Gaffa already! Will have a play around! Definitely want to play with CV stuff to see if I could implement a swell effect there, not a million miles off the Karma Police ending effect I saw posted here a while back.

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The Gaffa in my opinion as well is a very good one. I also recommend the floaty from remaincalm. This is not a tape delay but you can also do funny things with this. I sometimes use it in combination with Gaffa to get my results.