hi! I’ve been using the MOD Duo up til now with my Softstep connected to the MIDI in, via the KMI MIDI breakout box.

When I connect the Softstep via USB, I get the option to add it as a MIDI Device (it appears in the ‘add midi device’ list) but I can’t seem to use it for just straight up MIDI learn functions the way I can when connected to the MIDI port…

Am I missing a trick here? Is there some documentation on how MIDI works? :slight_smile:

thanks very much!


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Hey Steve.

How many options appear in the MIDI device list after you connect the Softstep?
After you selected the device in the list, did you see an extra MIDI port in the interface, alongside the default one?

2 different devices appear - SSCOM Midi 1 and SSCOM Midi 2, and they both appear as input options on the left hand side of the board…

It should work out of the box. Once you have added the MIDI device the learning should be working.
Can you check if it is sending CC messages when the pads are pressed? Is there any software to setup this device?

thanks for your help! It’s definitely sending CC messages - I’m going to spend some time this morning trying to troubleshoot it - hopefully I’ll be able to put together some notes on integrating the Softstep and the MOD, as I’m sure over time it’ll become a v. popular combination…

I’m going to see if switching from SSCOM 1 to SSCOM 2 does anything, and try changing the midi channel too… also make sure it’s not transmitting multiple midi messages (for now) to see if that’s confusing things. It’s working fine with the MIDI interface, I just don’t want to have to pull that out of my rack every time I want to use the MOD on its own :slight_smile:

Got it working! The issue was that the Softstep treated the ‘Softstep Expander’ as a different out to the normal USB MIDI, rather than mirroring the outputs… so I’ve copied all the commands so the pedal is now outputting on SSCOM 1 and Expander at the same time, and all is well! Just in time for me to take it to Germany tomorrow :slight_smile:


Great! Thanks for the feedback.

I’m using the soft step (V1) plugged in via midi. For turning things on/off I needed to make sure it was in toggle mode or program the preset on the SoftStep to have the pedal on toggle mode.

I’m slowly learning how to program the SoftStep… unfortunately I have to unplug the USB cable and connect directly to my computer.

yup, the switching bacwards and forwards is a pain. Softstep is a steep learning curve - I’ve had one now for a couple of years, and it took me a LONG time to get deep into what it can do. Looking forward to seeing the MIDI spec on the MOD evolve, hopefully incorporating some of the more adventurous things the Softstep is capable of :slight_smile:

hey @solobasssteve - glad you’ve got it working… I’ve been a SoftStep owner for years - since Gen 1 first came out and have struggled to wrap my fairly technical mind around their unique UI… any chance you might share a screen shot of one of your pad setups in the SS Editor? I just can’t seem to get the Mod to recognize anything it sends…

Have fun in Germany!

nevermind! I think I figured it out… now, if I could only figure out what I figured out! :slight_smile:

I found it easiest to use the toggle preset that the Softstep comes with as a starting point.
I’m using it for toggling on/off different plugins. Using the midi learn is very easy. I go to the parameter I want to turn on/off and select midi learn, hit the button I want to assign to it a couple/few times, hit save and voila!

I’m working on other functions but I start with the toggle preset and then save a new one from there… But the UI for it is kind of a steep learning curve… I’m slowly getting it…

Totally - thanks! - I found that as the easiest starting point to, at least for binary switches. I copied the Pressure preset for knobs and it works pretty well, though I have to figure out how to make them stay when I release the pressure…