MIDI Volume Pedal

I wanted to be able to control the volume out of the Dwarf with a pedal. For this, I used an analog Ernie Ball I had and put it right after the Dwarf and before the amp (or main board) in my signal chain.

But, that analog volume pedal seemed to filter or damper the signal which forced me to set a higher output level than I whished out of the Dwarf.

So, I decided it was time for a MIDI volume pedal :slight_smile:

I used an Arduino Micro with the code I made available on this forum in the past and adapted the Ernie Ball pedal to MIDI. I also 3D printed a front plate that also serves as the holder for the Arduino.

I now have a MIDI volume pedal that can still be used as an analog pedal if I remove the connections to the Arduino.


that’s super cool!


looks like a really nice job there, @Simon !


Absolutely cool!