Midi Utility to route lowest or highest note of a chord?

Does this device exist? For example, if I was to hold down a C major chord on my midi controller, could I send the low C to a bass synth while the rest of the chord goes to a pad or an arpeggiator? Thanks!

I’d be hopeful something like this could be created on a MOD device, knowing that this pedalboard exists:

I tried it yesterday and it is crazy how it triggers on certain notes even on a REGULAR SIGNAL, not even tightly measured midi note!

I can’t help you with your specific question though ^^

Yeah, it’s possible with a combination of midi note range filters and midi channel filters.

I built a quick board to split midi input across my hydra synth and Typhon.

Hydrasynth(CH 4) receives notes C#4 to G9, and Typhon (CH 7) receives from A0 to C4.

it took a bit of configuring in my DAW just due to my aggregate device inputs.

I am receiving my Roland SH-4D in a few hours and I’ll continue fleshing out the board and testing the split options. Would be cool to play 4-6 synths on one playing surface.

You may need to be really specific with your set up depending on chord inversions or sus chords. The filters can either include, exclude, or bypass note ranges per synth. As long as you know your octave ranges, you should be able to accomplish what you need with some trial and error, and patience :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the time to put that together, @Elk_wrath, but this still seems like using key ranges instead of handling midi polyphony. I’m looking for a simple utility that, when given a chord, will just send out the lowest (or highest) note and possibly pass the rest of the chord in another midi stream (that way you could stack like 3 of these together in serial to parse out each note of a 4 voice chord. Does that make sense?

I just read in another thread that pd patches can be used on the mod dwarf now. I’m a Max programmer so it might not be too hard for me to slap this poly midi router module together!


I absolutely know exactly what you are describing. Unfortunately, it doesnt exist on the platform in an easy plugin from what I’ve seen.

I was looking for a similar thing a while ago, but unlike you, I can’t code lol. This was my work around for the problem lol

The key splits work for me because I program my chord progressions in advance and can assign ranges based on the notes. I also record from a semi permanent location and can redo sections over until I’m happy with it, so my needs are a bit flexible.

The style of music I borrow from using long 8 bar chord progressions that don’t jump around much and rely on suspended chords to keep things “dreamy”. That also means I have a specified range for high and low notes

However, that set up probably wouldn’t be helpful/useful in a live situation or noodling.

Hopefully you can develop something that simplifies the workaround lol.


I bought this pedal so I could code simple little things like this on it! If/when I get around to coding this (still gotta wrap my head around the pd implementation) I’ll ping you on this thread!

If anyone else here wants to take a crack at this, please do! Seems obscenely simple to implement, I just don’t have the C/C++ chops to do it the legit way so I have to resort to pd/RNBO (whenever it’s available for mod dwarf) workarounds…

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