Midi sync via usb


I have brought the Mod Dwarf to a jam last weekend. It was sequenced by the Torso T-1. Apart from couple of moments when it froze (which is as far as understood gonna be repaired on the next update considering the bug report topic) it was nice small setup. However, it was behind the main clock with my friends. The T1 was slave to a masterclock. I was in sync but like 1/16 behind everything (like in parallel). It wasn’t obvious when I only did some melody but was not possible to bring drum machine in as it was clearly behind. I’m new both we Dwarf and T1 so looking into both to correct this.

Could it be the buffer size too big on the Dwarf? I’ve increased it to have more CPU headroom.

Haven’t found anything about this but correct me if there is…

Anyone noticed that sometimes?


We are aware of some issues with MIDI sync on the platform.
There’s an investigation going on to improve it, but it’s not yet there. Let’s hope that it is soon :wink:
Thanks for reporting