Midi Sample Player

I play with the Mod Duo and think it’s a perfect replacement for my pedalboard, but with the looper that already exist it could be an alternative to my rhythm box I have on my hardware pedalboard too, the Boss RC10R
I already tested many drum sample player form AV LINUX, that’s amazing what Mod Duo can do!
So now my dream is to have a midi sample player to achieve a drum box in my virtual pedal board.
That would be fantastic!
Does it already exist?

not quite.
the file loading is only possible with the upcoming v1.10.
I have a midi file player already working, but it is intended to load full midi “songs”, not looping clips.

I am personally interested on making one though.


Cool. A full midi song would be interesting before the version 1.10 feature.
I creat my rythm loop in EZdrummer so that’s not a problem to create a full lenght midi file.
Where can I find it? Is it on the Plugin Shop?

any plugins dealing with files are only for v1.10 onwards, so you cant find it in the store at this time

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OK I understand.

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Hi ! Any updates about a simple midi looper ?


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