Midi Program Change with fade

Hello everyone I would like to try a question.

My scenario would be to only use MOD DUO X for a live. On DUO X I made some generative patches. I would like to understand if there is a way to switch from one pedal board to another (program change) with a cross fade, so that there is no silence in the program change.
So if the playback pedal has reverb or delay tails, they continue to play until the end of the change with the new input pedal.

I hope the question is clear

thanks, emiliano

This is not possible at the moment.
Loading a different pedalboard involves removing the current plugins and replacing it with new ones.

You can try something similar with pedalboard snapshots though, which does not involve reload/removing plugins, which are also able to be controlled via MIDI program changes.

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Yes, I already have no problem with snapshots but unfortunately it is not the same thing. Is it possible that such a feature will be implemented in your future roadmap?

possible sure, but wouldn’t count on it anytime soon.

making it fade in/out would mean either:

  1. delaying load of next pedalboard for a few ms in order to cleanly fade out audio, then load next PB, and optionally fade in that one
  2. preload the next PB contents while the current PB is active (and about to be unloaded)

The scenario 2 is likely the one you want, but is a bit cost-prohibitive in terms of CPU.
This is because the current pedalboard might already be at maximum capabity in terms of CPU usage, and loading yet more things would cause the audio the drop out instead of gently fading.
The time that the next pedalboard would take to load would also increase, because we always give top priority to audio thread and thus CPU time is limited for loading things while there is processing taking place.

There is also the question of RAM usage. You could have multiple pedalboards that nicely sit at 60% RAM usage, but loading 2 of them at once in order to do a fade is impossible as combined they would require 120% of RAM.


All clear:) Thanks