MIDI Program Change: Please show Pedalboard/Snapshot indices in the WebGui for MIDI Programming

I’m currently setting up some MIDI based Program Change for pedalboards and their snapshots.
According to the information in the wiki:

As far as I see there’s no display of the required index in the WebGui that one should use for MIDI Program Change commands.

Currently this is just guessing numbers - or did I oversee something very obvious?

I’m currently using V1.8.5 on the Mod Duo.

Especially for Pedalboard Snapshots it could make also sense to have them resortable -> List index of sortlist == external MIDI index.
Advantage with user sorted list: When having assigned the snapshots to a Footswitch Group, the user can program either setlist or even song based snapshots.

Hi there!

Please try 1.9.0-RC1, we added indexes for v1.9 series.

Reordering the snapshots is something we will be doing shortly, most likely for v1.10


Yeah, just tried it out after you answered.
Indices are fine with 1.9.0-RC1.
In advance I already read the changelog of the RC but that specific improvement wasn’t listed.
That was a lightspeed fix :slight_smile:

Can’t await v1.10 with reordering snapshots.

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That is my bad, with so many things happening at MOD right now, a few things were forgotten in the changelog.
I will add it in there now.