MIDI Program Change Generator


I would like to create a MIDI Program Change Generator plugin but I’m a newbie and I don’t know how to create a plugin lV2.
Does anybody want to help me to do this ?

The idea is that my pedalboards sends a program change to my external CAB simulator.
I’ll could “attache” a CAB preset to each of my pedaboards and so, even if I change the order of my pedalboards (and then pedalboard’s program change number).

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you !


The infamous mindi plugin does this already. Its still in the community/unstable section. I really need to change that so everyone can install. Maybe somebody could give me a PR to give it a modGUI like the other midi utilities. Thats all it needs.



Thank you very much ssj71 !
It works great but I can’t find the way to send the program change automatically at the load of my pedalboard.
The program change is sent only if I adjust the parameter in the infamous mini plugin.

hmm, perhaps the DUO is suppressing the midi out until the board is fully loaded? It should send one as soon as the mod sets the parameters. You can always retrigger a send just by cycling the bypass switch, but I understand you’d want it automatic.

If I can find some time I’ll play with it and see what I can come up with.

@Skydiver do you use mindi with pedalboard loads like this or mostly with pedalboard presets? Any advice?

Currently I only use mindi for my Whammy DT.

Within the plugin I have user presets set at the functions I use on the Whammy. I us the “assign all” button to a footswitch so that I can scroll through the different presets I have set.

I pulled a late night and added a modgui to mindi as well as a “1st message resend delay” which will send the 1st message again after the specified time period, so if MOD is silencing all plugins at load or hasn’t connected them yet, it will catch it on the resend, but operation after that is normal.

It will probably take a while before that gets merged into the MOD ecosystem, but I expect it will solve this issue.


Great !
I will try this as soon as possible !
Thank you !
Best regards

Hello ssj71,

It works very well !

Thank you very much
best regards



just curious are you using the 1st message resend feature?

In fact, it works with the 1st message resend off.
So I don’t use it.
Thank you very much