MIDI Pedalboard Navigation (Updated - It Works!)

Is anyone using the MIDI pedalboard switching feature successfully? I’ve been using the snapshot navigation to send PC messages from a foot controller for selecting snapshots and it’s awesome. Now I’m working on getting all my songs organized in an app (BandHelper) with the goal of having the app drive pedalboard selection. I haven’t been able to affect a pedalboard change yet when sending PC messages from the app (assuming the apps’s MIDI logs are accurate). I’ve tried selecting different channels for pedalboard nav in the system settings and I confirm with BandHelpers’ log that the PC messages are updating accordingly ([CC, 01] for ch 13, [CF, 02] for ch 16, etc). I’ve tried changing the foot nav option on and off for the bank I’m using in the settings.

I’ve been trying all of this disconnected from the web interface. I’ll try with a different device later.

Relevant docs: https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/Device_Settings#Sync_.26_MIDI


One note to add - not long after writing this I decided to upgrade from the RC release I was on 1.9. After the installation, my snapshot nav wasn’t responding to PC messages. I went to the settings to double-check and after selecting the snapshot. IIRC I may have selected a different channel and then selected the original channel and after that the snapshot nav was working again via PC messages. Trying the same change with the pedalboard nav didn’t make any difference for me.

I got this working using a little AKAI keyboard controller I have, using the pads to send PC messages on the right channel. This is a huge win for my creative and performing workflow, being able to change between up to 16 boards easily without having to bend over or use up any device actuators for the purpose.


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