Midi PC message on board change

Hey friendly people,

I want to automatically send a PC midi message when I change the pedalboard (to switch the channel on my amp). Any suggestions on how to do that?
Tried playing around with the mindi plugin already. Maybe I am missing a setting there.

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check this. This is how I solved this problem

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Thank you.
But I think that refers to snaphots, right?
That I figured out. But for me it does not trigger when you load the pedalboard. I want to change the amp channel with changing the pedalboard.

What now worked for me was setting a high bpm CV Clock on every pedalboard that starts running as soon it loads and assign the square out to the on/off of the mindi. That results in a constant burst of PC messages.

It does the trick but feels very hacky :smiley:

yes, when I change snapshots, the mindi changes the channel of my amp one. the trick is that mindi channels start with “0” and not with “1”. That means the channel 1 of your amp is channel 0 on mindi.