MIDI parameter addressing from pedalboard MIDI? (for loop sync)

wondering if there’s any way to route MIDI from within a pedalboard to MIDI parameter addressing in a plugin (either on Duo or DuoX), without doing a hard cable loopback outside the unit?

i’m chewing on possibilities for BPM-synced triggering of loops, and wondered about somehow using the MIDI Quantization plugin to time-align incoming loop triggers.

…or, of course, i welcome any other ideas!! :smiley:

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there is a way over ssh (there is always a way over ssh :wink:)
in > 1.7, there is a single port where all midi devices connect to (midi-aggregator), connecting stuff there will send stuff to the MIDI in port you see in the web interface.
so some jack_lsp -c and jack_connect combination should do it.

There is no other “more official” way to do this right now.

Obviously, the plugin needs to output a MIDI CC in order for this to work


nice… thanks for the clear explanation!

Would there be a similar way to peek for the states of the control associated to a particular MIDI CC?

Like a way for an external program to know if a LED should be on or off?

not sure what you mean. this topic is 1 year old now, so I forgot the details.
would a midi monitor work for your case?

Maybe it’s better to describe the practical idea instead. I’d like to be able to determine via an ssh connection if a particular control on a given plugin is on or off, and ideally, I’d like to identify it using the CC message ID associated to it.

But you’re right, it might not be the right thread.