MIDI out via USB on Dwarf

Hi guys,

Looking at controlling a ZOOM CDR70 via the USB. Does the Dwarf output MIDI PC via USB?

If so is there any plugins that can filter PC messages outwards ?

Unfortunately dont have the Dwarf yet to experiment but thought I would ask so I can getting planning the pedalboard for 2023 ; )

Any input would great


If you mean it can send MIDI over the usb cable, yes there is a mode you can activate where instead of having the regular network device mode it does network+midi.
If you are using Windows as your OS beware that you need an updated Windows 10 (for the composite USB support).

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Actually if I understand your question correctly there’s no need to activate the mode @falkTX described (possibly some confusion with “PC,” you meant “program change” not “personal computer.”) You would simply connect your Zoom to the USB port of the Mod and the MIDI connection would be good to go. And yes, there is a MIDI filter plugin in the Mod!

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Cheers Bleo that’s prefect, sorry Falk for the confusion , I did indeed mean program change.

Was just worried it only received. The plan is to send MIDI from my Helix to the Dwarf then out to the ZOOM.

When I get my Dwarf ( unfortunately I’m an Indigogo backer, but fingers crossed soonish) I will post my findings.

Cheers and stay safe guys.


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You’ll be a-ok. I have a Zoom MS-50G and just tested out a similar setup: I have a bunch of USB MIDI devices all connected to the Duo through a hub. There’s a lot going on in the below screenshot, but there’s one blue wire going from the USB MIDI out of my dirtywave M8 directly to the MIDI in on the Zoom. I was able to send program changes from the M8 to the Zoom no problem!


Cheers for testing that out fod me. Much appreciated and glad its working. Best get my self a hub and see what carnage I can cause.

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