Midi note to CC

When I use the Midi note to CC plugin and play a Midi note from my keyboard I get an error message “disconnected” from the Web interface. Does anybody have a similar problem? Also, when trying to load the pedalboard “prepared piano” (which contains the midi note to Cc plugin) I get error messages.


Hi @deligut, I am able to reproduce that error and confirm its a bug. The plug-in crashes the LV2 plugin host. The GUI notices that and shows “disconnected”.

Hi there, I stumbled upon the same bug trying to use the Midi note to CC Plugin with a Midi keyboard.
How are the chances this gets fixed sometime soon?

Hi @seele we are currently working on solving this issue. The update in the plugin-store will probably be available by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.


Oh, that’s really great news! I’m totally looking forward to that update. When I first tried to use the plug-in I wanted to map some plugin on/off toggle switches to my diy midi keyboard. After some fiddling around I found out that it doesn’t work at all - even with generic general midi keyboards.

Is there any chance that what I like to do even works with this plugin, or do I need to use some hardware workaround like sending the converted CC messages out of the Duo and back into it again?

@seele We tested it and it should be possible with the “MIDI note toggle” and the “MIDI note to CC” plugins, but you would need to use a loopback.

The routing would be:
MIDI Keys > MIDI Note toggle > MIpDI Note to CC > DIN MIDI OUTDIN MIDI OUT > DIN MIDI IN (loopback)

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why doesn’t mod just expose the mod-host midi port in the pedal builder? It’s the same result as the loop-back, but less ridiculous and work-aroundy. If you think it will be confusing to users, just make an option in the settings to enable it.


Hi @seele,
is there the option that you change your controller to send MIDI Control Change?
The option to expose the port of mod-host was discussed at MOD. We agree that the hardware loopback is ridiculous. Let us think a bit more about the implications of exposing the port. I think there might be a better-usable solution to enable users to accomplish what they want to achieve.

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The update for the MIDI to CC plugin is now available in the plugin-store. In order for the update to take effect it might be needed to turn the DUO off and on again after installing the update.




Some time ago, I started to work (but never got to the end) on a plugin that would create a virtual midi client that would connect on the mod-host midi port under the hood. It would be an alternative to exposing the midi-host port directly in the UI.


Sure it would be possible. But the whole point of that pedal was for it to be completely software controlled. Before using the Duo, I used it primarily for Ableton Live, where there is no problem in switching all the functions of the keyboard pedal on the fly. With Live sending Note-On and Note-Off messages proofed to be the more versatile option. There you can convert note messages much more easily to CCs than the other way around. So the point is, I want the pedal to be a keyboard in one patch and to be a trigger in another. In a use-case scenario just changing the pedalboard on the Mod Duo would be easier than changing the message-type the pedal-keyboard puts out.
At last… like some others here I simply try to reduce my setup using the Mod Duo. So I don’t want it to do something super fancy… I just try to reproduce my familiar workflow.

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I tested the new plugin today. Now it works as expected, thank you!
Another downside I discovered using the suggested workaround for Midi CC mapping is, that I need to use the USB Midi port for this to work. So I plug my Midi controller into a Midi to USB Interface, send Midi Note data into the Mod Duo, changing it to CC data, sending it to the Din Midi Out of the Duo and back into the Din Midi In. Now that whole cable mess occupies both the Midi ports and the USB port.

So, how about that? Did you have any success getting this to work? Maybe that could be some starting point for further developments :slight_smile:

I did not really go far into it by lack of availability . In the future I’ll try to go back to it.