MIDI learn for tuner

I would like the ability to press a button on my midi keyboard to trigger the tuner. I think a settings panel in the mod ui would be the easiest way. Maybe it’s nice for all the other global settings too.

I have to ask, what exactly is the purpose/intention here?
There’s a dedicated button for it as close as possible to the screen…

At a gig I have to tune several times. It’s more convinient to press a button while standing than to bend down. Before I used a korg pitchblack where I had a footswitch. I think for people with additional footswitches it’s nice too. Especially because it’s an easy way to mute the guitar. I would keep using the pitchblack at concerts because of this.

What if you create a plugin like the true bypass plugin? Would that be possible?

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I’ve done a couple gigs and many band practices with my MOD. I use my foot to push the upper right knob (the one close to the screen) down while I am standing. I use the bar that runs across the top of the pedal as an “anchor” and then tip my foot forward till I “click” it and go into tuner mode. I’m not the best at balancing, but this goes well.

Let me know if that helps.

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Yeah this technique has worked well for me. The only downside is that sometimes I’ll end up twisting the knob a little bit when I try to engage the tuner.

This is currently not possible right now, but we’ve added it to our backlog of features to implement.