MIDI input on MOD Dwarf

I have Novation Circuits, and last few days I’m trying to connect it to the Dwarf. If I connect it through USB everything works fine, but when I try to use MIDI input it doesn’t work. I checked that using two cables. The Circuits definitely sends MIDI notes from MIDI out (channels 1 and 2), I can see them in my DAW when I connect it my audio interface. So the question here is something wrong with MIDI input, or it should be set up somehow?

I’m “sniffing” here an issue with the type of TRS adapters that you are using. Are they type A? Although this was defined as the standard for these adapters there are still a lot of type B hanging around.
Check here for more info.

@jon thanks, it seems novation uses Type B.

@ildus, in case you don’t have the appropriate adapters laying around, you could use the following workaround:
-grab a 3.5mm TRS jack to 2x RCA female cable
-grab a 3.5mm TRS jack to 2x RCA male cable
-connect the two cables on the RCA side, but with the colours swapped around (i.e. red to white, white to red)

Now you can use this newly constructed cable to hook up a TRS MIDI type A device, to a TRS MIDI type B device.

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Thank you for the advice :slight_smile: I’ll just solder the cable. BTW I’m really happy with the device, it’s like swiss knife, can do everything.