MIDI from both USB and 3.5mm ports at the same time?

Hope someone has an idea on this - I’ve been using a Launchpad X (LPX) as my main midi controller with the Dwarf - maps very easily and is super flexible and easy to set up… cool!

I also have a Digitakt which as anyone who has one knows the sequencer is superb and it’s hugely versatile when it comes to sending out MIDI… however when I plug it in via the 3.5mm port there’s nothing happening - the Dwarf only sees the LPX and so I can’t use the sequencer or midi keyboard on the Digitakt… not so cool.

Scenario three: just using the Digitakt and plugging into the USB port with the DT’s main USB cable the Dwarf then sees the DT and it even comes up in the MIdi options (by name) and I was able to map the encoders to my effects to either turn them on or off or alter parameters… cool!

So my question after all this was - how can I use both midi controllers at the same time? Surely it’s possible…

But then I did all this work with the DT - and saved it (several times) - but when I came back to it the next morning the Dwarf had ‘forgotten’ all the midi mapping I did…

My question after this is - why?

Any help answers would be greatly appreciated


MIDI DIN (also with 3.5 mm) and MIDI USB are 2 different connectors. In the WebGUI you can connect the MIDI DIN and MIDI USB^x (^X, because the MIDI USB can contain multiple/different I/O) with mod effects/instruments/… connect Expanding Controls.
You can set the MIDI Clock either in the WebGUI (8. Status bar - 120.00 BPM) or directly on the device Sync & MIDI (duox Sync & MIDI).

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Thanks - I’ll dig in and see if I can work it out :sweat_smile:

Are you connecting the Digitakt on the TRS MIDI port right? Is the connection on the Dwarf side type A?

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Yes - MIDI in from the Digitakt on the 3.5mm input and then sending midi in via USB from the LPX - I’d love to have both working but I’m actually making some progress with just using the Digitakt

One other question I have re MIDI into the Dwarf is whether I can use more than one midi channel? I assume it’s default is channel 1 - not All Ins - I’d there a way to select a separate midi channel for different synths in the Dwarf?


I believe you can either aggregate or separate MIDI inputs inside the MOD, for one (if I’m not wrong, clicking the MIDI port icon at the right-lower corner of the web interface).

But even if you were to input everything though the same physical port, you can filter/demix by midi channel inside the MOD. Either employ a multi-channel filter like this one or a simpler, switchable single channel filter:

This one :arrow_up: has the added benefit of a toggle switch that you can map to a MOD button/footswitch, so that you can turn that controller off entirely. If you need more than one, just connect as many MIDI (blue) cables to as many of these filters. All the channels will come in but only the desired one will come out, which you can then route to your desired synth/plugin.

You just need to make sure each interface/controller – Launchpad, Digitakt, etc. – are sending midi data through different channels. (I assume you can set that up within each unit.)


Amazing - thanks - I’ll have a deep dive into this soon - looks like it could work - the good thing is the DT can send midi out on 16 different channels so lots of scope with just that - thanks again

Reckon I got some nice stuff happening with some midi mapped automation from Digitakt to Dwarf