MIDI for selections

I’ve noticed when using the Noise Maker ME that all knobs, buttons and faders can be controlled by MIDI, but anything that requires a selection, such as waveform, destination, voices etc can’t be, they have to be given to the device, in my case a Dwarf. As I’ve built a controller for the Noise Maker using TouchOSC it is annoying not to be able to put those items on the screen but have to bend down to what is a pedal - and as there are a number of these controls they have to be put over several pages.

Is there a reason that selections are set not be allowed by MIDI, or is it just the result of the feeling that it’s not worth it - which I admit it’s not for a typical MIDI control pedal!

I’ve noticed over other plug-ins that MIDI or CV is not always available for some controls - if there is a good reason that’s fine, but if it’s just “this isn’t needed” I feel that it’s not a good reflection on the developer(s) of such plug ins.

Sorry if that turned into a rant, but basically what I’m asking is can MIDI and CV control be made a standard feature for all controls?


The issue is mapping 1:1 the list items into MIDI CC values.
Say a list with 5 items, do we map MIDI CC value 0-4 directly to these 5 items, or do we spread out the CC values? (so 0…30 is 1st item, 30…60 is 2nd item etc).
One option would allow to map the parameter to a MIDI controller with real values (say a stepped encoder or buttons) while the other allows to map to a regular knob.
What happens for 128+ item lists and the 1st case, since regular MIDI does not have enough range go to past 127?

If I recall correctly, we simply added support for the parameter mappings that made sense and were clear how they would behave.
Lists were not clear, so we skipped them.

Suggestions welcome.


Thanks for that, it makes sense. I was expecting to be able to just go from an item to the next item in the list with a turn of a knob or the press of a button, so basically not giving a value to each item, merely previous or next, but my knowledge of MIDI is not enough to know what is possible and what isn’t. The fact that it has been considered and decided to be not done is good enough for me!


I’d really love that feature. Just map the MIDI CC value from 0-n. The rest is handled by the midi controller - saying that the user has to configure the channel and value to these.

I think most user have a capable enough midi controller to map these hard code commands. In general it would be a good idea to have a preconfigured midi map for the plugins.