Midi for a dummy

Howdy folks.
If i set up a pedalboard with just say
How can i use my external midi switcher to turn those effects on and off?
Like as in, can pc/cc numbers/values changes be assigned to the on/off of the pedals? And would i need to use something like Mindi for that?
Anyone help me out with how that can be done?

Thanks guys.

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In the plugin settings, there is a small icon near the parameter that opens the addressing dialog.
From there you can select MIDI, and have it “learn” the first MIDI knob you make a change on.

Some details on https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/MOD_Web_GUI_User_Guide#Assigning_plugins_parameters_to_actuators

(The screenshots there refer to older releases, like 1.6, but the core idea is still the same)


So no need to specify midi channels or anything like that?

No, “learn” just catches the first unused MIDI CC it receives and goes with that.
Note you can also use pitchbend as a small bonus.

So that doesn’t seem to work on my controller . Any way to assign very specific pc/cc notes to a particular Pedal on off?

I may be using the wrong terminology here. I only managed to work out midi quite recently and it was all just teaching myself through trial and error.

I currently have on my physical pedal board a boss dd200. It’s set up on midi channel 3 and i have made PC 1 - 30 as saved presets that can be recalled via my switcher. How would i do something like that on my mod duo? As in, can i assign a delay to channel 3 PC 1 ON?
Like I say, the mod duo doesn’t seem to “learn” it. Its a Decibel 11 Switch Dr if that’s any help.

I’m sorry about the lack of clarity.

Or can I assign a particular snapshot to a PC number or something? It seems like the mod can act as controller for lots of midi things but maybe not accept commands from other things (if the learn function doesn’t seem to work)

You cannot use MIDI program changes for MIDI learn, not at this point anyway.

The pedalboard snapshots can be controlled with MIDI program changes though.
There is a dedicated MIDI channel for it, tweakable in the device settings.
See https://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/Device_Settings#Sync_.26_MIDI

But I don’t recall right now if it is supposed to do anything while the web UI is open or not…
(With v1.9 onwards, the snapshot names have their matching MIDI index on their left side)

Thanks dude.
I appreciate the advice and help but I’m not sure i’m explaining myself correctly.

So say i had the pictured set up running into my amp fx loop. How can i turn the stereo plate reverb on and off via midi from my switcher/looper? Baring in mind its not accepting the midi learn thing.

You have to use CC instead of PC messages for MIDI learn. But you can save states of the pedalboard as snapshots and load them with PC messages AFAIK. Never did it myself.

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Thanks, CCs fine i just don’t have any idea how to assign PC or CCs to anything inside mod duo.

I was looking for an answer to a question like that, but you already answered it. Thank you, everyone who was involved in this :slight_smile:


Have you looked in the Mod UI wiki?
Hope that helps.

Greetings and God bless, Marius

Yeah I. have Marius, unfortunately it’s not much help.

  1. Click on the gear above the reverb
  2. Click on the fader icon in the right bottom corner of ON/OFF
  3. Choose MIDI learn… as actuator
  4. Send the right CC message from your controller or keyboard
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Nils do you just mean click on “midi” then press the button i want it assigned to on the midi switcher?
If so, i tried to explain earlier that doesnt work. I have the mod footswitch and obviously that all works nice and easy but i want to assign CC commands or be able to see what CC commands are already assigned to what so I can use it with my midi controller.

I also cant see any way to make snapshots assignable at all. The midi option isnt even there when you go into the assign options.

For the snapshots, things work a bit differently…
First you enable it by clicking on its main button. This will create the first snapshot for you.
Then you modify a few values as you wish, and do snapshots -> save as, and give it a name.
Repeat as many times as you want to create more snapshots.

Then, simply send a MIDI program change with the MIDI channel that matches what is setup on the device settings. When this happens, the snapshot will load.

@elvisvalentine Did you ever get an answer? I’m seriously struggling, sending cc’s over and under 64 in channel 16 or omni-channel, toggling, momentarily sending, whatever. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to turn a pedal on and off. If you found a way, please let me know!! My midi pedal is super programmable, but that’s worth nothing when all I can do is either turn a mod pedal off when it’s on or vice versa. Thank you!

Are you sure that you are sending CC messages from your MIDI pedal?
You should click on the assignment of the parameter, hit the MIDI tab, then push save and after push whatever MIDI interface you want to assign.