Midi Foot controller Question

I have a Mod Dwarf, and found out that I can use a Boss EV-1-WL with a Midi 3.5 cable connected to the Dwarf. As an Expression pedal till the Mod Exp pedal comes out. So The Dwarf recognizes the pedal, now my problem is in my pedal board I want to control my Wah pedal (wah) and my Fuzz pedal ((volume)with the same Boss pedal. The Dwarf only sees either The Wah or the Fuzz not both… How do I get it to recognize both. That might be using the same C.C. Number? Is there someway I can change the C.C. number so they’re both the same? I believe one is 11 and the other is 1…

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AFAIK it’s currently not possible to assign the same MIDI signal to two plugins.

What you can do, however, is use CV for this.

  • add one “Control to CV” plugin to your pedalboard
  • assign that plugin’s input to your Boss Pedal
  • in the Web UI’s top row, enable “show CV” (might be called slightly different, I’m not near my Dwarf ATM)
    (EDIT: It’s called “manage CV ports”)
  • click on the little box on the output side of the Control to CV plugin, give it a unique name (e.g. “Pedal Control”
  • now you can assign the CV “Pedal Control” to as many parameters of plugins as you like (in the plugin’s settings, open the parameter settings and instead of assigning a MIDI, choose “CV” and then select the “Pedal Control”).

See the wiki about CV: CV Tutorial - MOD Wiki for more on this (" Setting up Macro-Controls using CV" is the chapter you are interested in).


Thanks so much for that!! :grin: I’m going to try it later on tonight!! I’m really liking the Mod Dwarf. And I have not scratched the surface of half of what it can do!! Would you believe I have a Quad Cortex, which I’ve owned for 2 years and every year it broke and it had to be repaired!! After the 2nd time it sits on my shelf!! The Mod Dwarf is smaller and more durable!!
Thanks again



I just tried it and as you said it works!! Now I can control 3 pedals when I click them on in Stomp mode!! Thanks so much!! & All the best to you!!