Midi Fighter Twister

Hi. Just got a Mod Duo and am just starting to think of way of using it. Was thinking if I needed more buttons to control other parameters on pedals if any one has ever used a Midi Fighter Twister on the MOD. It has 16 assignable knobs/buttons so that would be plenty of knobs. Has anyone used one of these. If I assigned the knobs to the pedals on a specific pedal board and consequently assigned colours to the knobs does anyone know if when changing from one pedal board back to the one I assigned to the twister if it will remember the colour assignments as well? Hopefully this makes a bit of sense. I d include a link to the MIDI Figther Twister but not sure how to do that on this forum yet. Thanks from a newb


I would think you can assign a button/knob from the midi fighter with Midi Learn on the duo.

On the parameter you want to control, select midi learn and move the knob or hit the button you wan to assign to that parameter.

I hope this works.

Thanks Elesimo for letting me know about that. It would be cool to assign colours as it would be easier to remember things. Good to know that it works though even if not perfectly. I might go pick up a MFT from my music store and play with it

if you install the infamous mindi you could set it up to send midi CCs to the MFT when you open a pedalboard or change pedalboard presets. That would allow you to set colors.

I hadn’t heard of the MFT, looks like a sweet piece of gear. Great. Now I want one. :wink:

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I’m looking forward to seeing how it works. It would be sweet to have the colours set would be easier to remember what does what.


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I use Mindi to change the settings on my Digitech Whammy DT. Change presets or pedalboards on the Duo and it sets my Whammy to what I need for that song.

I Love Mindi! (I hope my wife doesn’t see this…)


I use the Queneo for a controller
Lots of great features you can program in it

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I have a midi fighter twister, and I can’t seem to send messages back to the twister when changing presets. I’m sure I’m not using Mindi correctly, can someone give me a quick overview of how to configure Mindi to send a midi message out of the Mod Duo via a USB connected device to update a knob value when a preset changes?

Oh, this is great. My Mod Duo X arrived yesterday and I have a MTF sitting in the basement. I was just going to try this experiment. At least it is nice knowing before diving in tat someone prior to me has made it work. Thanks.

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Does MFT knobs shows real value of assigned parameter? It would be so cool…