MIDI feedback from synths > controller?

Hi All !

i’m using a BCR2000 midi controller to control a soft synth on the MOD, this works just fine, but i was wondering if there is a way to get MIDI feedback from the softsynth to the BCR so the led rings are in sync with the knobs on the softsynth

any ideas ?


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MIDI feedback of the mapped MIDI CCs would indeed be nice to have, but it’s not the case at the moment.

Hi Filipe
thanks for the feedback !

is this a LV2 plugin limitation, or a host (MOD) limitation ?


its a host thing. In LV2 the host controls what the plugin settings are even when you are using the plugin gui.

Is this the same kind of thing as setting a global BPM?
It would be great if the Duo platform can send be set to a BPM and plugins can slave to it. It would be even better if that global BPM can be sync’d to an external Midi device like a drum machine or groove box.

[quote=“Thijs_van_severen, post:3, topic:1023, full:true”]
is this a LV2 plugin limitation, or a host (MOD) limitation ?[/quote]

This is a MOD (host) limitation.

@Skydiver Everything regarding tempo and sync (tempo) to external devices will come in later release.
It’s definitely coming soon, probably right after control chain support.


I can’t wait!

‘slightly’ off-topic here, but is this the same limitation that Carla currently has ?
and if so, any plans to implement midi feedback in Carla anytime soon ?
that would be a huge game-changer for me :slight_smile: !!


I feel like this should go into a different forum…
But at least on carla’s side, there’s no feedback because I don’t have a midi hw capable of doing so.

Implementing this on MOD would not be too difficult, but having it work exactly like intended is tricky without the hardware around to test it with.
So we’ll reconsider this at a later point.

Good to know that MIDI feedback it is being considered :slight_smile:

When you are talking about ‘hardware’ you mean the midi controllers, right ?
I’m not sure why you would need the actual controller to test this feature?
MIDI feedback is generic and not specific to any controller. The MIDI feedback is typically exactly the same as the MIDI messages that the controller generates.
So when you link a specific knob on the controller to a knob on one of the MOD pedals, (say CC 10), the mod should simply send out a CC message with that same CC id when you manipulate the knob via the gui or the pedal.
Granted, there are other MIDI messages that might be less obvious to implement, but i wonder if these are very relevant for the MOD usecase.

When MIDI feedback becomes available in one of the next releases, i have a couple of controllers (BCR2000 and BCF2000) and i’m happy to help test this feature :wink: