Midi Expression Pedal recommendations

Another option, if not wanting to find a midi expression pedal, is to use a midi footswitch that has an expression pedal port. I already had a Morningstar MC6 because the three switches on my old HX Stomp were limiting, and it has two standard expression pedal inputs. I realize that’s an expensive way to attach a cheap exp pedal, but hey, more buttons! Plus they make a less expensive three-switch pedal with a single exp port.


Not really. But MIDI is not so hard with that, if you DIY some cable and provide on the right pin 5V from a power supply or batteries it should work.

That’s actually something from where you can get the power from. You can get the 5V from there.

I’m curious about this @Simon :slight_smile:


Already started the project here : https://forum.moddevices.com/t/arduino-midiusb-volume-expression/7182/3


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There is a review of very cheap midi controller with exp - chocolate, I got one and it works great, it would be perfect extension for Dwarf - 4 extra buttons plus MIDI EXP - I use it with Moog EP3. There are one issue, exp works reversed, but it can be solved with some CV plugins, which I dit and now it works as it should.


We have another topic with some suggestions already here Expression pedals and adapter options for the Dwarf

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The cheapest and smallest solution I’ve found is to get the Chocolate controller for about £25 from Ali express and plug a normal expression pedal into it.

This works for me and you get 4 extra footswitches thrown in, powered by the mod through USB, with a tiny form factor.

I’ve built my own auduino controller with 2 expression inputs (and 4 buttons and 2 knobs!) but the chocolate units much more pocket able and robust.

There’s a detailed post about using the chocolate unit on this forum. I’m on my phone so don’t have the link to hand but you can search for it


I’ve just checked Sonuus Wahoo and Voluum and they both work great using USB.


considering flexibility and extra opportunities, this seems the most interesting scenario in my book

Do you have a link for the Chocolate please?

downloaded the aliexpress app and search that for best price if not…

£19.88 50%OFF | M-VAVE Chocolate BT Wireless MIDI Controller Rechargeable 4 Buttons Portable MIDI Foot Controller Pedal APP Control Guitar Parts

Hope the link works


Thanks man.

no worries - dont forget exp pedal is backwards so you will need to adjust at the Dwarf


Here’s a link to the forum post - credit to @SrMouraSilva for investing so much time in it.

Note my little fix for inverting the Expression Pedal operation if it’s wired the wrong way around.

Here’s the link to purchase it on Ali Express - even cheaper than I remembered!


A little late to the game here, but if you connect an insert cable (TRS on one end, splits to 2 TS on the other end) to your volume pedal, you can often use that as a makeshift expression pedal. I learned this from the JHS show. I’ve tried it out and it worked with at least 1 pedal that had an expression input (EHX Oceans 12).


The editor has been updated and now allows for inverse CC so can put the expression pedal the wrong way round to make it the right way round ; )


Can you let us know if it works?

Sorry didn’t see your message. Will check when I get home from work and let you know

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Here’s a cool way to use the expression input on the M-Vave chocolate:


That’s pretty cool.

Did try to get the inversion to work but no joy at present. Will give it another go over next xuple of days to see if I can work out why

There is a thing called Midi Solution Power Adapter to help with that…