Midi Expression Pedal recommendations

I am really really trying to make the Dwarf’s lack of an expression pedal input work for me. It’s really hard and irksome but I’m trying.

So, does anyone have a recommendation for an affordable stand alone midi expression pedal that doesn’t cost $200 USD? Yes, there’s the Boss EV-1 WL for $150 but that’s wireless. No thanks. I’m flabbergasted that I even have to ask this.

I use the FBV Express MKII


Holy Toledo! All that just to have an expression pedal? I have a very small studio and really, all I need is the expression pedal.
Thanks though!

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Can you connect it to the Dwarf via USB? If it can be connected that way it would be worth considering.

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I connect it through USB, yes. I think it isn’t so big tbh, and you have four more buttons to select that can come handy in some situations.

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I may have found something that might work. There’s a used Anatek Pocket Pedal for sale.
It does require Midi Phantom Power and I know a lot of the old midi devices provide it (Yamaha DX-7 etc.) but I believe those devices actually used all 5 pins in the Midi connectors. Does the Dwarf support (provide) Midi Phantom Power? @jon

UGH! I just read an article on Midi Cable pinouts and since the Dwarf’s midi connectors only have 3 conductors, it is highly unlikely that they would support Midi Phantom Power…

Does the Dwarf’s USB port provide power to the FBV so that you don’t have to use an external power supply?

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I’ve been experimenting using the Softstep with a boss f500 volume/expression pedal and so far it’s working very well with mods midi learn capabilities. Softstep is very versatile, small and goes straight into the USB of Mod. Each of the 10 pads can be configured to be momentary, toggle, x/y expressive a.s.o. Both of these are available second hand. From around 200 euros I would think. Only problem is now I have to look for a few more feet.


Give me a couple of days and I will post here a complete schematic and code for an Arduino Pro Micro.

This will be a very small and USB compliant MIDI controller where you can use a regular analog volume pedal. Heck, the board would probably fit inside an Ernie Ball volume pedal and be powered by the Dwarf’s USB port…

Or if you don’t want to wait for me, you can look at this video: Arduino Pro Micro USB MIDI


Edit: And I have the Dwarf to test it … Lol !


Thank you but I am really not willing to breakout the soldering iron for this. And I’m opposed to it out of principle. If they’d done it right in the first place, we shouldn’t even have to consider either expensive or prohibitively large options or both to make this happen. Alas, Mod Devices didn’t think this one through very well at all and of this I cannot be convinced otherwise. Not one person has been able to give a compelling, substantive and valid argument for omitting the expression pedal port.

We shouldn’t have to be building Arduino devices for something that is so ubiquitous in other effects either. Full Stop.

Fine by me… I will still post it as others may be interested.



Well, apparently Crumar makes a USB connected expression pedal… but no one has them in stock.

# Crumar UP4 USB-MIDI Expression Pedal

The Boss EV1-WL has a USB connection but cannot be bus powered. :man_facepalming:

Havent used one but consider Doremidi convertor.


Hope that helps


Dude! Thank you!!

This is most promising. Just gotta break out my Microsoft surface to configure it.
Thanks again!!

no worries, if you do go down that route can you post your findings as I’m sure there are a few of us that are tempted.

There is chocolate Mvave controller to consider too but expression is backwards on that but can be fixed on the Dwarf. There is quite a comprehensive post on that one too. And its around £20 ; )

Good luck with it all


Will do. Thanks, buddy!
I’ve already ordered it.

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