Midi Exp pedal to control any knob

Hello guys,

So I have this midi pedal sending a CC#13, values from 00 to 127.

What would be a good way to map that to something that would move a knob ?

I am guessing I need Midi to CV mono: but where is best to the mapping for the value range ?
At the moment I have the pedal tweaking the cents values (from -100 to +100), this is working well.

It seems I don’t need to go through CV, I can go straight midi to the knob(s) … and the mapping of the range value seems to be happening by magic … Great stuff !

Cheers !

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only if you’d like to control more than 1 knob with the same pedal. That way, you map the CV out of that plugin to various controls/knobs.

Otherwise, for a single operation, midi mapping is enough.


Ok thanks for clarifying.
So let’s assume I want to control 2 knobs, how should I do the value mapping?
Say I want one knob to go up and another to go down when I press the pedal down?

I can only respond in theoretical terms, because I won’t be able to use my MOD at least until September, if not more.

What you need is the Attenuverter Booster plugin. If you set it up as per the picture below


The output of that plugin will give you the exact inverted voltage of the value you are inputting.

Therefore, you can map positive voltage to one plugin control and the negative to another one. In the picture below, moving the Control to CV (bottom left) clockwise increases the value of the pedal above it and decreases the value of the other one, which is mapped to the Attenuverter:


(Remember that the positive one must be mapped as Unipolar Positive – 0 to 10V – and on the inverted one to Unipolar Negative, -10 to 0V).

Sorry, this is as much as I can offer for the time being. Good luck.


Thanks for help there QuestionMarc.


Thank you so much for the help @QuestionMarc :slight_smile:

@RDNZL I suggest you also to take a look in this tutorial :wink: