MIDI "Chocolate" 🍫 controller with the Mod Dwarf, an introduction

I was able to invert the expression pedal within the Dwarf pedalboard by adding a “Control to CV” and a “CV Attenuvertor” pedal.
I assigned the expression pedal to the Control to CV’s Control knob, then fed the output into the CV Attenuverter Booster with its multiplier set to -1 and the offset set to 5v.

Then click “Mange CV Ports” and tick the box for the booster and you can assign this to your pedal.

Bit of a pain but it works and saves me having to modify my expression pedal.


Yes. You can use CV plugins to invert any value

EDIT: exactly what @ianr wrote on the update post

This is weird since they both share the same platform and if it recognizes it should work (most likely not a USB port issue). Can you send us a screenshoot on how it appears on the MID ports list?

Hi Jon,

I’ve just had another go and have now got it to work - hooray!

It looks like the issue is that if you swap the M-Vave unit between the Dwarf and the Duo you have to switch it off and on again for it to work correctly. It’s strange because the M-Vave is recognised correctly by the MOD and everything looks like it should work - it just doesn’t!

In fact even if you disconnect the M-Vave and reconnect it to the same MOD device the MOD will recognise it but you still have to re-power the controller before it will control anything. Looks like a bit of a bug in the M-Vave but at least there’s an easy solution.

Thanks for spurring me to work this one though - I’ll now offer to lend it to my friend with the Duo!


Hi @ianr

Great news!

It makes some sense since the MIDI initialization may happen after receiving some message - so the code moves on to a different cycle and does not come back there if not rebooted.

Somehow yes. But maybe it was needed for some reason. I can see it especially because of the BLE MIDI pairing situation. Maybe the MIDI classes are shared both on BLE and USB MIDI.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: I’m happy to help as always.
Please let me know the feedbacks of your friend.


That would be sweet! keep us updated with your progress!


I received the M-Vave Chocolate today, but I’m facing some problems trying to control the Dwarf. Perhaps someone can help. Clickling a footswitch (e.g. FS “A” ) on the Chocolate, I only can manage to turn OFF plugins. It’s not possible to turn them ON once again. Only when I click with the mouse in the gui…I also tried the workaround with the CV, but I have the same problem, the it only “goes in one direction”… On which midi messages do the plugins react?!
Here are the settings in the CubeSuite Software (windows). I also cannot find the control mode (like it is described in the tutorial SrMouraSilver).

So I’m a bit confused. I have to say that I’m quite new the whole midi cc, pc, etc. stuff… so surely its my fault… but nevertheless it would be nice if someone could help!


Advanced Control Mode

Single Button switch between 2 banks

to control fx on and off set the chocolate to custom profile at the bottom of the list.

Then choose A then B button behaviour.

Choose CC For Button A

Midi Channel

CC number

Then 0 for second value.

Do same again with B value but this time the 2nd value is 127

Check what your chocolate is sending out using any midi monitor - I use MIDOX but there are plenty of others.

The behaviour you want to see is the value 127 on first press (On) and then 0 on second press (Off)


CC 1 21 0


CC 1 21 127

Not used the windows editor - i use the android app which looks slightly different. Will download the pc version to confirm the steps.

Hope that helps - if you are still struggling let me know and I will post pics


you all sorted now?

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Interesting. I’ll need some time to read the whole post.

One question: am I wrong or the bluetooth capabilities are enabled by a CME Widi clone dongle? Is it included with the controller or is it to be purchased separately?

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Yes, I’ve managed it to get it work! thanks a lot for your help!

Here are the settings:

The only thing I find a bit annoying for live use is the lack of visual control of the chocolate to see if a plugin is on or off. The display only shows only two zeros (00).


Glad to hear it. I know what you mean about feedback but for the money I sort of let it off ; )

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Did notice a new update for the editor - it now allows CC to be inversed, making the expression pedal the right way round now.

Hope thats of interest


Great, thanks for the info.


I don´t use the Mod Dwarf but I bought the Chocolate. Did anybody got it working with a bluetooth connection?
I finally got it working Via USB and my Positive Grid Bias FX 2, but I´d prefer not to have it wired to my Notebook when I play live. I have it recognized as a Bluetooth HID, but cannot find it anywhere within Windows 10 as a Midi device?

If anybody could help, I´d really appreciate that :slight_smile:
Thank you


I think you’re out of luck when it comes to windows. I don’t have the Choclate but most of BLE devices I’ve tested didn’t work. Support for BLE and especially BLE Midi isn’t very good. Did not test it with Windows 11 but I think its the same.

There’s actually a way to make it work, but you need a workaround that makes Windows think that you are connecting a USB MIDI device.
MIDI Berry will help you :wink:

Can you make a tutorial for that? Im planning on buying it though

Sadly the Chocolate is not compatible with WIDI ( a great set of BLE Midi dongles with various features and form factors). CME (the makers of WIDI) say the issue lies on the Chocolate side, they’ve offered to work with Cuvave (M-vave) on this


Sadly the Chocolate is not compatible with WIDI ( a great set of BLE Midi dongles with various features and form factors).

CME (the makers of WIDI) say the issue lies on the Chocolate side, they’ve offered to work with Cuvave (M-Vave) on this, send them hardware, etc. M-Vave has not responded. CME asks customers to contact M-Vave and ask them to fix it.

If you want to message them to fix this, try the form on this page: www . cuvave . com/lxwm (The emails bounced when I tried to send a message that way)