MIDI CC to PC plugin

Hi all.

In MOD Devices, you can change pedalboards and snapshots via sending MIDI PC messages, but they currently must be on 2 separate channels.

The problem is that my MIDI commander (and most economic ones in the market that I know of) only can be configured to work on only 1 channel, for all switches. That makes using it to control both snapshots and pedalboards impossible, and I’m looking for a possible workaround.

Is there a plugin that can remap a CC message to a PC message? If it does, I could use it to remap the CC message sent by some of the controller switches to PC, combine it with the MIDI channel map plugin and reroute the signal with the loopbalck feature ro do the trick.


Hi @Tarrasque73
You can use the the infamous mindi - MOD Devices, it sends any midi message you want.

So, you can, for example :

  • send a CC#9 message on channel 3 from your controller → ModDevice
  • a Control to CV - MOD Devices is ON and has its Control parameter set to receive this CC#9 message. So the control parameter will go from 0 to 10v when your controller sends the message
  • you manage CV Ports and name the output of the Control to CV “best midi message ever”.
  • the Infamous mindi is ON and its value parameter is listening to you CV named “best midi message ever”. You configure your Infamous mindi to send a message PC#3 on channel 0.
  • you plug the Infamous mindi midi output to the output of the device and in the midi parameters you Enable midi loopback so the midi send out is also listen as an input by the modDevice.

Now you have a controller that sends only CC message excluding one which is converted in PC#3 on channel 0.
I hope it helps


Nice trick here, I didn’t think about the Mindi. This seems to work exactly like I’d like to.

Of course, It requires a lot of work. For example if I’d like to devote 5 of my 10 controller footswitches to change to the first 5 snapshots of a given pedalboard I’ll have to put and configure 5 Mindi and 5 CTRL to CV plugins. All this multiplied for each pedalboard. But as workaround ,it’s possible.

It would be great if this thing could be configured at the device level. For example adding a new “breakpoint” setting besides the “pedalboard channel” and “snapshot channel” settings. Let say you set pb channel to 1, snap channel to 2 and breakpoint to 100. All PC. this would make PC 101 on channel 1 to be transformed to PB 1 on channel 2, PC 102 on channel 1 to 2 on channel 2 and so on.