Midi CC to internal Control Chain?


Many plugin knobs can only be controled by control chain messages, and don’t accept midi CC messages.

Is there a way to convert midi CC messages to internal control chain messages, to be able to also control plugin knobs with midi CC?

As an exemple, I try to use the harmonizer plugin, with audio input, and a midi sequencer to control the pitch of the harmonizer. But the harmonizer plugin only accepts control chain to change the pitch.
I’m not looking specifically for a way to control the harmonizer pitch, but I’d like to know if there is a way to internally control knobs that only accept control chain messages, while keeping the benefits of the multiple midi tools we have.


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I’m afraid Control Chain only works with a connected device. You need CV or MIDI to make a plugin affect a parameter of another plugin.

For your specific issue, you should look for a workaround. I would try a different harmonizer or pitch shifter plugin that has MIDI assignment.


Thank you, that’ll save me a lot of research time!

Maybe for a future update, the MOD Team could develop a virtual Control Chain device and a midi CC to control chain plugin?



A quick update about the “harmonizer” plugin (actually, I meant a pitch shifter plugin, sorry for the confusion)

You’ll find below a Pitch Shifter Sequencer pedalboard, emulating the “Tararira” effect pedal. It uses Midi CC to Midi CV to “knob value assignment” chain.


Any improvement is welcome :slight_smile: