Midi cables type a/b?

I’m looking for midi cables 1/8” to connect dwarf to midi controller\switcher. My controller has no usb

Would appreciate any pointers to get the right cable?





  • MIDI IN connector - 3.5mm TRS MIDI Type-A
  • MIDI OUT connector - 3.5mm TRS MIDI Type-A


I got these Elektron CA-3 - Type A 3.5mm TRS Male to Female 5-pin DIN MIDI Adapter | Sweetwater They work for me.

These work!

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Thanks for the tips! I’m planning on getting these because 150 cm seems much more than I need.


Whatever cables you get, you may want to verify the correct pinout when you get them to save yourself some time.

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Don’t know why the industry isn’t using usb-c in this day and age. controllor uses A&B on in/outs

just found this adaptor.

thanks everyone, I think I avoided a minefield there.