Microcosm inpired tones

I suppose many of you heard about Hologram Microcosm, I haven’t got it but after listening to some Micro sounds I created microcosm inspired pedalboard. It is really great fun to ceate that kind of sounds with ModX. It would be great if some of you could make your own versions of Microcosm - I think MOD is capable to make similar sounds with those all CV plugins. I must say that the board has been a bit more complicated but CPU could’t handle it - I hope MOD will make MOD X Max in some future, it looks like my modx will not be able to handle my creativity in some future ;)))


Hey @Lukasz, I think you shared the link of all the pedalboards page and not exactly this particular one.
Anyway, I guess yours it’s the latest over there :slight_smile: It sounds quite interesting! I really enjoy these sound scapy type of sounds.


thanks for the note.

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It sounds good on the preview.
As a dwarf’er, any tips on lowering the CPU usage? I’d love to try it out.


loose the RMPro
save 25% cpu and loose a bit of stereo effect and eq


My secon take on Microcosm style sounds. This time it uses about 35% (MODX) of CPU so it should work also on Dwarf.


Really glitchy! I like it @Lukasz :grin:

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